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The Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Dow) is the index of the 30 best performing U.S. companies. The Dow set its most recent all-time record in November. 16, 2020, when it closed at 29,950.44. The highest closing record before that was in February. 12, 2020, when it closed at 29,551.42, before the 2020 recession was set and the COVID-19 pandemic actually took over.1

The record set in November. 16, 2020, may be linked to news surrounding Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, which the company announced could be up to 94.5% effective.2

Key takeaway
Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, the Dow closed at 29,950.44, setting a new record and surpassing its last record of 29,551.42 in February. 12, 2020.
The 2020 stock market crash began on March 9, 2020. The Dow fell a record 2,013.76 points to 23,851.02. It was followed by two more record points on March 12 and March 16. The stock market crash included the three worst point falls in U.S. history.
On March 11, the Dow closed at 23,553.22, 20.3% lower since Feb. 12 high. That launched a bear market and put an end to the 11-year bull market that began in March 2009. Investors were concerned about the impact of the covid-19 coronavirus epidemic.
The stock market historically functions similarly to the economy. A bear market (prices fall 20% or more) occurs during a recession and a bull market (prices rise) during an expansion. A bull market had been running since March 11, 2009, when the Dow closed at 6,930.40. As of March 2020, it had not fallen 20% since then, making it the longest-running bull market in U.S. history. However, the 2020 stock market crash and recession saw record falls. 1

The Dow Jones Industrial Average one of the many stock market performance indicators. This history of the Dow since the Great Depression demonstrates how stock market fluctuations reflect the natural stages of the business cycle.

Record highs set in 2020
The Dow’s most recent record close took place in November. 16, 2020, when it ended the day at 29,950.44. It also started 2020 on a high note. The Dow set a record high of 28,868.80 in January. 2, 2020. He set another record a week later. It then set a milestone in January. 15 when it rose above 29,000. 1

Record highs set in 2019
In 2019, the Dow reached two milestones and set a record 22 closures. On July 3, The Dow reached a new high when the Trump administration announced that it would resume trade negotiations with China, avoiding additional tariffs (import taxes).3

The Dow responded with new highs throughout the latter part of 2019, even though trade negotiations had broken down until November. It reached a milestone on July 11, closing above 27,000, and then another in November. 15: close above 28,000(in the table below, the milestones are noted).

Record highs set in 2018
The Dow reached three 1,000-point milestones in 2018. It reached two of them in the first weeks of January, closing above 25,000 in January. 4.3 the index violated 26,000 in January. 17, then continued to set 15 closing records in the rest of 2018.

The records set in the fall were the first since the Dow hit 26,616.71 in January. 26, 2018. After hitting the Jan. 26 peak, the Dow went into free fall, falling 4% next week. In February. 8, entered a market correction when it fell 1,032.89 points to 23,860.46.

Investors were encouraged by the progress made in renegotiating Trump’s North American Free Trade Agreement. In August. 27, 2018, the Dow ended a six-month correction (a decline of 10% or more) when it reached 26,049.64. This was 10% above its closing low of 25,533.20, reached on March 23. This was the longest correction since 1961, when a correction lasted 223 sessions4

Record highs set in 2017
The index set 70 closing records in 2017. For the first time, the Dow hit five 1,000-point milestones in a year. In January. 25, 2017, the index closed at 20,068. 51. 3

This high occurred only 42 trading sessions after closing above 19,000. That’s the second fastest increase in U.S. history (currently, the record is 24 sessions to go from 10,000 to 21,000 in 1999).

On March 1, 2017, it closed above 21,000, which followed a 12-day run. This was the longest streak since the record 13-day stretch in 1987.5 when the Dow broke 22,000 in August. 2, 2017, became the first time to reach three such milestones in a year.

The index closed above 23,000 in October. 18, 2017; a little over a month later, it broke 24,000. The Dow had two streaks that lasted more than 10 days, which had not happened since 1959.

The index had three nine-day sections, The Last of which occurred in 1955 (when there were four nine-day sections). The Dow was continuously moving higher eight months in a row (the last occurrence of this was in 1995). The year 2017 ended with 5 records of milestones set.

Record highs set in 2016
The Dow reached a milestone and had 26 closing records in 2016. Of the 26 records established that year, 17 occurred after the presidential election. The index’s 2016 closing high was 19,974.62, set in December. 20, 2016.

The Dow suffered a market correction between Aug. 2015 and April 19, 2016, which led to a slowdown in 2016. It started in January. 4, when the Dow closed 160 points lower as investors worried about a slowdown in China’s economic growth.3

By Jan. 7, 2016, the Dow had fallen 5.2% to 16,514.10, the worst annual start in history. The next day, it fell to 16,346.45. In that week, the Dow lost 1,078.58 points (6.18%) with the damage continuing.

By Jan. On October 20, it closed at 15,766.74, as investors panicked over falling oil prices, the devaluation of the yuan and turmoil in China’s stock market. It then fell to a low of 15,660.18 in February. 11.

In July and August, the Dow rose as investors flocked to safe U.S. markets after turmoil rocked the European Union. On June 24, the Dow fell 610.32 points the day after Brexit (when the UK voted to leave the EU). This threatened American companies, the largest investors in the UK.

A November streak occurred after Donald Trump’s presidential victory in November. 8. Traders trusted a business-friendly Republican president. The Dow closed above 19,000 in November. 22, 2016.


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