Winterns Reflect Time at Dow Jones

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It becomes increasingly evident how quickly time passes when interns in a company for three weeks. Through our program, Women in technology and entrepreneurship in New York (WiTNY), we were able to seize this opportunity at Dow Jones during the winter break. It was important for us to learn as much as possible, and we believe we made the most of our experience. Our time as ‘Winters’ mainly focused on a project that would be the basis of a Factiva rotation risk board. However, our learning experiences went far beyond our core project.
We began our research by examining a dataset of companies that canceled their subscription to Factiva in the last year and a half. We conduct most of our research by interviewing salespeople for in-depth qualitative analysis. The goal of our 10-day project was to analyze these cancellations to better understand why customers are agitating and identify ways to detect a customer at risk of agitating. Through our research, we learned that qualitative data provides more insight and ultimately helps link usage data into a complete story. Conducting interviews was an exciting opportunity, and we had not had the opportunity to do such a thing before this internship. We gained the confidence to ask questions and lead discussions, which taught us that conversational interviews are the most effective.
During our time at Dow Jones, we also had the opportunity to develop our soft skills. This path of personal growth became evident to us during a professionalism workshop on our first day. In fact, we believe that we have improved to the maximum during the exploration of our project. We overcome challenges, such as working collaboratively with a new team. We had to quickly learn the strengths of others to work on our task. In the end, communication was the best way to overcome this.
Dow Jones employees provided great information, not only during our interviews, but also during the weekly roundtables. They shared their experiences about work after college, work-life balance and learning from their failures. These lessons prepared us for the rest of our careers, well beyond our barely three weeks.


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