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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every business of all sizes in different ways. IBM is no exception, as the trend of IBM shares for 2020 has punished shareholders. The stock started the year just below debajo 140 per share and was $ 20 per share higher in February.

But IBM’s stock prospects quickly worsened, and at the peak of the mass market sell-off, IBM shares traded below debajo 100 per share for the first time since 2009.

Now that the market has calmed down a bit and global economies continue to open up again, IBM is on a mission to deliver profit to shareholders by conquering new markets.

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Repair a damaged reputation
When billionaire investor Warren Buffett buys a stock, many investors rush to follow his example. After all, the” Oracle of Omaha ” has a history of success of several decades, and its history of stock selection speaks for itself. So when it invested more than IBM 10bn in IBM shares in 2011, the company known as “Big Blue” earned the highest seal of approval.

But at the same time, the opposite transaction is true, perhaps even more so. Buffett ceremonially declared on live television in 2018 his investment in IBM was, in his own words, a “mistake.””

Buffett criticized IBM and said he feels ” more confident about the future when I look at a company like Apple instead of IBM now.”

IBM stock price prediction

The company’s reputation for belonging to a select group of futuristic stocks was immediately shot down. Instead, the company that was founded in 1911 was degraded to be a relic of the past.

But is that an unfair characterization two years after Buffett’s departure? The latest IBM stock news 2020 may say otherwise.

New leader sets the tone
Former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty led the company for eight years and, by the most important metric for shareholders, his tenure was a failure. IBM’s stock analysis shows that the shares fell 24 percent from his first day as CEO to his last day.

According to CNBC, IBM was the only tech company valued at $ 100bn or more to lose value during the eight-year period.

Shareholders had many reasons to demand change. And change is what they got in early 2020. As the old saying goes, better late than never.

Rometty’s biggest flaw was his failure to take steps to position IBM as a new-age tech giant that will dominate for many decades ahead. Buffett, as is often the case, was right.

Rometty was replaced by Arvind Krishna. He was promoted from within as senior vice president of Cloud and Cognitive Software, where he: 1) led the hybrid cloud business, 2) transformed the company’s software and service portfolio and offerings into the cloud, and 3) led IBM Research, a unit dedicated to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain, Cloud Platform Services, cloud solutions, and more.

Does this sound like the necessary expertise needed to take IBM to the next level? It certainly does, and giving it the top job at IBM bodes well for any IBM stock projection.

Set the vision
Krishna detailed his vision for IBM as a leader in hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence in early May during the IBM Think Digital 2020 event. He said These are the ” two dominant forces driving digital transformation today.”

He explained in detail the many cloud-related initiatives the company is working on. One example is IBM Cloud Satellite, a feature that gives customers the ability to use IBM Cloud anywhere.

The latest news of IBM’s share price implies that the company is now in a better position to compete with the cloud giants and is expected to steal market share away from Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Working in IBM’s favor is an easier way to grow from a smaller base and a mission to prove to investors that it belongs to be in the same category as the Microsoft of the world.

Other cloud-centric initiatives include those with AI capabilities and services, such as Watson AIOps, which uses AI to auto-detect, diagnose, and respond to it anomalies in real time.

The cloud business is growing very fast, but it will be a market that will stay for many years to come. While IBM’s motivation to succeed on its own is not a reason to go out with any IBM stock price forecast, investors have reason to at least now be hopeful and optimistic.

IBM’s motivation to dominate the cloud business did not begin in 2020. Rather, it gained momentum with the late 2018 acquisition of Red Hat for Red 34bn, in which Krishna played a major role. In an attempt to double the acquisition and reinforce IBM’s commitment to large-scale and sustainable growth in the coming years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst was appointed IBM president to better implement his shared vision.

Together, the two executives at the forefront of the future of technology makes the case for IBM stock price predictions to rise in the coming years. The global hybrid cloud market is estimated to grow from $ 36.14 bn in 2017 to $ 171.93 bn in 2025, giving IBM a chance to shine.

IBM stock price forecast: room to recover
IBM shares were trading in the red after nearly five months of volatility, but IBM’s 2020 share price forecast remains favorable on the upside. Looking at IBM’s year-to-date stock chart shows several instances of the stock bouncing after falling to about aproximadamente 105.

The nivel 105 level serves as a reasonable support level, as it represents levels not seen in many years. Despite some setbacks over the years and a new leader set to lead IBM into the future, investors believe IBM’s stock price forecast should be worth more in 2020 than in 2009.

IBM shares also come with a respectable dividend near 5.5 percent with shares trading around.120. As stocks fall to the downside, the yield rises slightly, giving investors a better blast for their money.

According to TipRanks ‘ latest IBM stock projections, based on 12 analysts offering year-round price targets, the average price target for IBM is IBM 132.36, representing an increase of 8.32 percent from the last price of $ 122.19 and is 8 percent lower from its peak of IBM 122.19.

Analysts ‘ highest price target for the next 12 months is $ 150.00, while the lowest expected price is $ 111.00.

IBM stock price prediction

While it is difficult to get an accurate prediction of IBM’s stock price, all signals point to a rally in the coming years. This is not the same company that frustrated investors throughout the 2010s. The company is more focused than ever and over time investors will regain confidence in the iconic American company.

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