Walmart Stock Begins Comeback Plunge Right Now

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Walmart Inc.Shares of (WMT) have been punished by investors in 2018, plunging nearly 26% from their January highs. Now, Walmart’s stock is recovering. Stocks have started a rebound from their lows in mid-May, and now options traders are aggressively raising their bets that Walmart will recover another 6.5%. In total, that would amount to a gain of more than 14% from two months ago.

Technical charts also suggest that a breakout is underway and continues to generate positive momentum. The rising levels of optimism are ahead of what are expected to be strong second-quarter earnings in fiscal 2019 when the company reports in mid-August. Investors will focus on the growth of the retailer’s e-commerce. Walmart’s disappointing online sales growth was what caused the stock to collapse at the end of January.

An increase of 9 93.5?
Options traders have been strongly betting the stock will rise. There has been increasing activity on calls of $ 92.5 that will expire in September. 21 in the last couple of weeks. The number of contracts open at that strike price has nearly tripled in the past two weeks, to approximately 19,000 open contracts. Calls are traded at about aproximadamente 1 per contract, and the stock would have to rise to about aproximadamente 93.50 per option expiration for a buyer of the calls to reach breakeven. The bet is not a small bet, either, with a dollar value of almost 2 2 million, a considerable bet.

Improvement of technical products
The technical chart shows strength, rising just below a critical support level at $ 88.20. If the stock can rise and stay above that support level successfully, the chart suggests a rise to about aproximadamente 93.50. The chart also appears to have a technical pattern known as triple Bottom, a bullish technical reversal pattern, suggesting that stocks will also rise. In addition, the Relative Strength Index has been in constant upward trend, indicating that the bullish momentum is returning to action.

Weak growth
The company is expected to report second quarter results in mid-August. Analysts forecast strong earnings growth of about 12.7%, while revenue is expected to increase by about 2%. The only obstacle the company will continue to face is slow earnings and revenue growth. Full fiscal year 2019 earnings are up about 9% and revenue up 3%. That growth is expected to slow in fiscal year 2020 to about 4% and 3%, respectively.

It makes Walmart shares rich even at current levels, trading at 17.6 times next year’s earnings forecast.

The big question mark is whether Walmart can make its ecommerce business grow fast enough to give investors the incentive to pay a multiple above the market for poor profit growth. If the company can’t do that, the bounce may be more than a dead cat bounce.


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